African Americans During The English Colonies Essay

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The way people viewed others back in the day was much different than how it is now. No one judged one another by their skin color, but by where they came from geologically. Race was something made up by the european settler in the english colonies for economic power. There’s a trend of degrading a certain group of people for economic and political gain. The two groups that endured this torture and cruelty were the africans and irish. Although they endured this torture and cruelty in different ways it is extremely clear that it was not deserved at all. The Irish and African people were subjected to the many cruel things that the english did to them, whether it be in the english colonies in the Americas or back in their homeland. This essay will talk about events that caused African Americans to be treated so poorly by the English during the development of the english colonies and also when the english colonies became a country. The idea of race evolved during the Bacon’s rebellion. It was one of the most significant events because it caused the everlasting stigma of being African American in American society today. As of now the irish do not experience as much discrimination as they African Americans because of the simple fact that they are not dark looking. The British owned a part of the Americas which indentured servants, slaves and financially well- off sons from Britain came to for a better a life and to have more opportunities. The English, Africans and Native…

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