African Americans During The 19th Century Essay

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Beginning in the seventeenth century, the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia to aid in the production of profitable crops is where a soon to be flourishing slave trade witnesses Africans being snatched and carried to America in bondage, separating them from their families, leaving them with no sense of familiarity. Although, unfortunate, out of this state of anguish and distress came the development of a new culture. Vast generations of Africans turned African-Americans over time advanced as a rich culture infused with music. African Americans were viewed as inferior and unequal for centuries as White Americans went through great bounds to keep blacks separated from their world. Despite the segregating line drawn between “Black” and “White,” African Americans created a sound of impact that dug deep into the roots of their American experience. Music was how they stayed connected to their African heritage while standing against and protesting the dreary environment African Americans experienced throughout history. Musical protest captured various forms as blacks strove toward their place in society while simultaneously preserving their cultural heritage. While working within social-cultural restraints, African Americans created musical traditions unmistakably their own, which in itself happened to be an act of defiance.
The life of a slave was an unpleasant one. Slave owners in the United States sought out to completely…

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