African Americans During The 19th Century Essay

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Oral language is the easiest way to transmit any kind of message. African Americans in the 19th century uses the oral language to portray their sufferance and sadness as slaves, since it was the only permitted way to express themselves. African American spirituals emerge from the injustice of the masters and Christianity influence. The songs are a desperate call for a better life, a call for freedom. In fact; the impact of African American spirituals during the 19th century influences the world music. African American spirituals or what we may call Negro spirituals, are sacred songs that contains a powerful heritage of slaves during the 19th-century. The songs express the deep religious feelings of the African Americans and their nostalgia to Africa the homeland. Slaves use a unique communication style rich in allusion, metaphor and imagery. Hamlet states : “ the communication pattens of the enslaved stemmed from their creativity and will to survive. Language became not only a means of communication but also a desire for personal presentation, verbal artistry, and commentary on life 's circumstances.( 127 ), African Americans inability to confront slavery make them create a well developed language to worship god , and ask him for help while they work in plantations or town. Slaveholders try to divide the slaves from the same background and language so no communication would exist as Helmet says , “ During the Africans ' transportation to America, their…

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