African Americans : Black History Essay

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Every year during the month of February the nation celebrates Black History Month. Many Americans wonder why there is a Black History month. What makes African Americans distinctive from all other Americans. Black History month or National African American month originated from the Negro Week. The cofounders of this organization were Carter G. Woodson, George Cleveland Hall, W.B. Hartgrove, Alexander L. Jackson, and James E. Stamps. Harvard graduate named Carter G. Woodson who promoted a national celebration of black contribution. He selected the second week of February during which Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas had celebrated their birthdays. He called it Negro Week (Horton 3). The Association for the study of Negro life and history was the first organization, its mission is to promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about black life, history, and culture to the global community (Horton 3) African Americans had been dehumanized for centuries, the black slave was treated as a product often compared to a horse. The Negro History Week was about empowering all the Americans on the events that have occurred in history, and correcting a nationwide story that was not true. Black History Month is an Historical Month that continues to shine light on the African American pioneers in the nation, and inspire all Americans to be great!

Who would think that Black History Month started only as a Negro History for only a week, and from the son of slaves.…

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