African Americans And The United States Essay

1477 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
The history of African Americans in the United States is a sad, but crucial part of understanding American history as a whole. The institution of slavery in North America set back African Americans in many different ways, creating a social divide between races that is sometimes present in todays society. But in turn, many great efforts have been put forth by African Americans to help win their equality and freedom that they deserve. Finding equality and freedom for African Americans is easier said that done, especially if we still grapple with racial divides in certain parts of our nation. Many great abolitionists and advocates for freedom did miraculous things to help African Americans find freedom in the nineteenth century, but there was no obvious answer that would end slavery right then and there. African Americans had diverse ways to fight for their freedom, from slaves killing their masters, abolitionists urging slaves to resist, or even women taking their own child’s life to save them from perpetual slavery. Blacks in the nineteenth century had to take many different angles to find their own freedom. Some chose to take an intellectual approach, some used violence, and some even banded together forming rebellions. Nobody knew what would work, all African Americans knew was that they wanted to taste the liberty and freedom that all Americans deserve. One common way that slaves in the American South opposed slavery was rebellion. Grouping together as a slave communities…

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