African Americans And The Civil War Essay

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African Americans and their influential leaders fought in many ways against racism, segregation, and discrimination following the Civil War until present time. African Americans’ struggle to achieve racial equality and full citizenship in the United States forced them to find ways to enhance their quality of life and establish strong political foundations capable of achieving meaningful social, cultural and economic changes. Their fight for equality led them to create durable movements that ultimately helped attain African Americans’ position in today’s society.
The Reconstruction era, 1865-1877, was the time following the Civil War. Freed slaves still had to deal with issues such as social inequality, their right of suffrage, education rights and their participation in politics. Although the Fourteen and Fifteen Amendments guaranteed full citizenship to African Americans, Jim Crow Laws still supported segregation in the South. These laws mandated that both whites and blacks should be separated in places such as bathrooms, trains, buses, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, among others. Jim Crow laws also prohibited interracial marriage. Racial violence worsened with the creation of such laws. Blacks were tortured and then killed after being accused of committing a crime. Many African Americans left the South to escape this violence, but some just stayed and tried to continue their lives in the discriminatory and racist society of the South.
African American leaders had…

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