African Americans And The Civil War Essay example

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The Civil War, although not initially intended to impact slavery in the way it did, became a turning point for embedding the roots of equality. Within this essay the portrayal of African American character will be discussed in terms of how white Americans identified African Americans and the change associated with the new freedoms given to African Americans between 1800 and 1900. Although freedom rang through America; African Americans faced horrific stereotypes, unjust living conditions, and harsh discriminatory laws that made life difficult, albeit started a newfound hope for true freedom behind the color of one’s skin. When slavery was first introduced, blacks needed to be portrayed as harmless to eliminate the threat and increase acceptance among the colonists. Slavery was used as a cheaper alternative to the labor demand than indentured servants. The need for slavery in the South was reinforced by the labor-intensive background of the economy; however, the North had a variably different economy that deemed the demand of slavery relatively unimportant. The North started to compare slavery within America to their own oppression by the British, thus starting the abolition movement after the American Revolution (1775-1783). Slave revolts became more prevalent. One of the most important revolts was led by Nat Turner in August of 1831. Turner’s group consisted of around 75 blacks who in two days murdered approximately 60 whites before being succumbed by white resistance…

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