African Americans And Native Americans Essay

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“How shall we know when to believe, being so often deceived by the white people?” said by the Seneca Chief, Red Jacket. The faith in the colonist was lost, but what occurred between these groups that led to their differences? The history between the early Europeans and the Native Americans had different conflicts as in religion, manners, way of life, and inequality.
One of the tension reasons is religion. Native Americans believed in the Earth and the Spirits that blessed them with their crops and hunting skills while the Colonists are Christian and wanted to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. “ ‘What I delivered to you were sacred Truths,but what you tell me is mere Fable,Fiction and Falsehood’ The Indian offended, replied ‘My Brother, it seems your Friends have not done you Justice in your Education, they have not well instructed you in the Rules of common Civility.You saw that we who understand and practise those Rules, believ’d all your Stories: Why do you refuse to believe ours?’ ”. The Natives were polite enough to regard to the Missionary about his religion and not be judgeful. Although, the Missionary didn’t quite do the same and he offended the Native and their culture. Furthermore, the Natives did have valid reasons on why they shouldn’t even give Christianity a chance.
The Natives have strong opinions on why they shouldn’t convert to Christianity. Not only did the disrespect of the early Europeans offended them, the Natives are perplexed of the fact…

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