African Americans And Its Impact On The World 's Advancement Essay example

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Thomas 1

Do all lives matter? The mistreated and abused African Americans deserve better from this country. Not only because they are human beings, but they have earned the right to be treated with respect and dignity. As slaves blacks have literally built this country’s physical and economical foundation. African Americans continue to enrich America as well as contribute to the world’s advancement. For instance, Dr. Mark Dean has over 20 PC patents and his development of the first gigahertz chip are the basis for all PC used today. Blacks contribution aren’t limited to the computer engineering field, it extend to the medical field through Charles Drew’s invention of blood transfusion, to Patricia Bath’s Laserphaco probe a medical breakthrough that allowed for the removal of cataracts. African American researchers, engineers, and doctors continue to seek and develop new inventions to enhance society. However, key discoveries and solutions to complex problems in the future may never be discovered or solved because black Americans are being killed at an alarming rate by law enforcement and ignorant people. Therefore the appropriate question that is now presented society is do black lives matter.

Headlines telling of horrific injustices and killings of young black men and women, are becoming a common occurrence which leave the African American community questioning if their lives matter. Statics from The Guardian supports Blacks concerns regarding their lives, it…

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