African Americans And Its Effects On Black Communities Essay

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African Americans have tested, threatened, pushed and broken boundaries for the betterment of their people since even before the official abolishment of slavery in the U.S. in 1865. They have trekked along troubled, treacherous paths and blazed new trails where they were none. It is because of the determination and dedication of those who came before them that we can now vote, own our own houses and cars, and have positions in Congress. We can become whatever we desire to be- teachers, dancers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEO’s and even president of the country.

Despite the astounding accomplishments of African Americans, we continue to bleed from old wounds of the past. Many of the same issues that plagued African Americans fifty years ago still have the same adverse effects on black communities today. Poverty, health, unemployment, welfare, and lack of education are all issues that have a deep and strong hold in our community. Forty-seven percent of African Americans receive some sort of welfare. African American women are now the fastest growing sector of the U.S. population heading to prison. African American men make up half of all incarcerated individuals. Thirty-three percent of African American children live in poverty. (“African American Families” xv) As you can see, African Americans are facing some challenging times. The statistics are alarming and disappointing. The point is this: African American families are in trouble. It is imperative that we begin to…

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