Essay African Americans And Hispanic Americans

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Plays about African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, as well as other marginalized communities, often deal with issues that are specific to that culture. However, the issues being dealt with in these stories also resonate and connect with other communities in a universal way. We saw racism and prejudice against these three groups of people, but there are many other groups that face similar discrimination. People from all various walks of life share the same history, they have been subjected to hate.
As we saw from our first unit, African Americans faced a great deal of issues, some of which continued on into the recent past. Some ay argue that this sort of treatment still continues. Africans were kidnapped and forced into slavery, many died never seeing freedom again. Once slavery was repealed, African Americans still continued to face adversity for a number of decades, until finally they were given equal rights. It was a long road where many were bruised, beaten and killed so that they could be granted the same right deserved of all human beings. In the second module of this course, we studied how Latinos were discriminated against, thought of as dirty and thieves. Many Latinos immigrated to the United States in search of a better life, only to be subjected to racism and discrimination. Out of all that hardship rose a movement, one that would change the history for many Latinos who toiled away in the agricultural industry. Cesar Chavez, a Latino…

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