African Americans And African American Community Essay

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Since the inception of the Eurocentric point of view, Africa have been shown in a negative light,and the matters on the continent have been told from the European eyesight. Encircling the several hundred plus years after slavery, there has been a continued drift or disconnection between African Americans and Africans. Most African Americans are descendants of enslaved Africans that were transported to the United States during the trans-Atlantic slave trades. Since African Americans and Africans are descended from the same lingering African culture, it is reasonable to expect that they would join together in unity; however, there is an underlying tension between the two groups.
Examining other races that live in America, the African American community does not display the same level of cultural connection and pride toward Africa that other races such as Latinos, Asians and Europeans display towards their homelands. African Americans are the only people in this country who are not of white skin, who cannot be deported, which is the central challenge of the black predicament. The great black scholar W.E.B DuBois anticipated that the problem of the 20th century would be the problem of the color line. Many people think the number one problem of the 21st century in America is “what do we do with 40 million plus African American who we do not and can not depart?”

Let 's examine the true relationship between African immigrants and African Americans. John Arthur in his book…

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