Essay on African Americans And African American Communities

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African American communities have for far too long been put in turmoil by the horrors of racism. From looking at America’s history of slavery, the Jim Crow Era, and the countless murders of innocent African-Americans, it can easily be seen that racism has long run rampant in America. This racism caused and continues to cause unrest and agitation in African American communities. This unrest has been expressed in many ways: first with slave revolts, then the Civil Rights Movement, and now the Black Lives Matter movement. The deaths of millions of African Americans for no reason other than that the color of their skin is black has tainted America’s image as a free country. The racist and violent actions of families and communities, societal practices, and governmental laws against African Americans have contributed throughout American history to the unrest we see today in African American communities.

The societal practice of slavery, which lasted for two hundred and fifty years in our country, is the foundation of all racism existing today against African Americans. African Americans were looked upon as subhuman by their superiors. They had to endure being separated from their family, witness “infernal” beatings, and be beaten themselves. Frederick Douglass was one such slave who saw his mother five times in his life and was forced to witness a severe beating of his own aunt(Douglass). All while laboring in the fields all day. Women were further devalued as they were often…

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