African Americans : A Black Person Essay

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Us, as African Americans, tend to use the n-word to refer to one another so frequently that it makes it seem alright for people outside of our race to refer to us as such. Typically, when the n-word is being used its of course referring to a black person in an offensive way. But in today’s society, African Americans use the n-word as a term of friendship, love, or as Anthony said, “a term of endearment.” African Americans are able to use the n-word more freely than others because of the understanding behind the word. However, Anthony’s explanation of why he was using the n-word made his action less of a problem because he didn’t mean any harm to his friend Reggie intentionally. One reason why Anthony didn’t mean to be offensive when using the word is because he is allowed to refer to Anthony as such outside of the classroom as well to show the relationship between the two. One circumstance in which using the n-word would not be appropriate for someone to use in a classroom or school and that’s if that person is using the word to be a racist. Schools and classroom teachers should have boundaries and dialogues with the students about the history of the n-word and how using the word can be very offensive to a specific group of people. The n-word is such a complicated word because it has a double standard about it. Blacks can say it without any repercussion but whites cannot. In another circumstance, it would be very inappropriate for a teacher, black or white, to use the…

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