African American 's Discrimination Through Connections Between The Agustin Lao Montes

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In a Western society of racial discrepancies, it subsists analytical to evaluate and acknowledge the experiences of African Americans and their descendants. Within a racist society, European Americans categorize and preserve prejudice towards the African race – prejudice that belittles their freedom and rights. In this paper, I will evaluate African American’s discrimination through connections between the Agustin Laó-Montes essay and the “Black in Latin America Episode 3, Mexico and Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet” video, assessing slave engagements, racial classifications, and concealed identities. To clarify my sources, the Agustin Laó-Montes essay exists as a scholarly journal, dedicated on surpassing the Blacks and Latinos ethnic and racial classifications. This article draws upon distinct examples and historical perspectives to define Afro-Latinidad as a “historical category.” Along with the Agustin Laó-Montes essay, the “Black in Latin America Episode 3, Mexico and Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet” video serves as a documentary, investigating the cultural ties of the Latin Americans and African nations. In this video, Professor Gates travels to Mexico and Peru, in search of the “hidden” African identify. Between the fifteenth century and the nineteenth century, the Transatlantic Slave Trade thrived, compelling Africans out of their homeland, while transporting them to distinctive parts of the world for diplomatic and economic expansion. While history…

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