African American Women During The 1950 ' S Essay

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African American women in New York City in the 1950’s were suppressed but not for long. In this novel there is a women named Laila and she goes through a lot of hardship but she pushes though it and persevere. This novel starts off with Laila an African American woman in the 1950’s in New York City. She is an elevator inspector who is one of the best in New York. She goes to an 11 story building and does her job. But the elevator has a free fall the whole eleven stories. She thinks that something is a little fishy about the whole thing. She then investor gate the place and find out a lot of things. Plot Lila Mae is a woman who is marginalized by her race and sex. She speaks with the elevator. She will crawl into them to make sure they are up to code. Elevator number eleven of the Fanny Briggs Memorial Building crashes in a free fall shortly after her inspection. She might have been sabotaged. She has to go back to her intellectual roots. the Department of Elevator Inspectors is one of the most important and powerful departments in the city. African Americans who are refused the right to move upward in terms of financial, educational, professional, and societal achievement. Whitehead to mislead both Lila Mae and his readers by offering them false clues. She had soon realized that it didn’t matter if she was undercover or not they didn’t see her as a person.
In this novel Lila Mae Watson is a woman who is elevator inspector who goes through all of these ups and downs…

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