African American Students : The New York City Council Essay example

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All those years of resistance in schools that didn’t want to allow African American students to attend white schools, was because of the fear and hate that white people had. Those students didn’t get any type of equal opportunity because of that. Fast forward years later, when it comes to equal opportunity in education regarding race and social class, things were relatively the same. African American students still weren’t getting that equal opportunity that they deserved because of their race and even more, their social class. Lander, a member of the New York City Council, stated
“Here we are, 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education and our schools are woefully separate and unequal, and in many cases we 're actually going backward from where we were,” said Brad Lander, a member of the New York City Council. “I think we 've been painfully blind to the problem.” The contrast between the levels of economic segregation facing white and minority students—a well-established problem—re-emerges from the analysis of data provided by the National Equity Atlas, a joint project of PolicyLink and the University of Southern California 's Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, or PERE”. (Boscma, 2).
Even in today’s society, schools are segregating students based off of their social class. Instead of moving forward, we are taking steps backwards to what our education system used to be. “In all but five of the 95 largest cities by population for which data is available, more…

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