African American Racial Discrimination Essay

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African Americans, Racial Discrimination and America’s Legal System
The lack of trust by African Americans for the executive and judicial systems stem from racial discrimination and stereotypes within those systems toward African Americans. Injustices within the executive and judicial systems against African Americans can be found in the murder and assault of unarmed black teens Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Aiyana Jones and many others. A specific case of injustice and racial discrimination within the executive and judicial system is in the murder of seven year old Aiyana Jones in 2010. Aiyana was shot and murdered by Officer Joseph Weekley. Before, officers began to raid Aiyana’s home, they were warned there was a child in the home by
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Younge acknowledges that while slavery may be abolished, black men and women may have been given “freedom” and t the 20th century was a very powerful movement, black women and men are still not given the necessities to be acclaimed as productive members of society. Necessities, not meaning wealth or materialistic goods, but instead the freedom to roam and live everyday lives without the fear of being murdered by a “trigger-happy white male” (Younge, 10). Younge acknowledges that similar acts of violence when done by both African Americans and whites are perceived differently by society, but more specifically by the judicial and executive branch. This concept is supported by the research of Larry Stokes, a professor who was racially discriminated against when stopped by police officers. When explaining that he was a professor travelling to a university, a police officer replied, “Yeh, and I’m the Flying Nun. Let’s go nigger! (Stokes, 263) In his work Stokes argues “Racial profiling is not confined to the practices of targeting, questioning, and arresting minority group” (Stokes, 263). He also argues, “Numerous studies have also shown that African Americans are far more likely to be stopped and searched, arrested, jailed, denied bond, convicted, and sentenced than Whites,” (Stokes,

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