African American Of African Americans Essay

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As of today, elders are living longer and have more active, healthier lives. Over 77 million baby boomers turning the age of 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day, the United States is experiencing historic growth in the 65-plus demographic (NCOA, 2012). But it also studies have been shown that African American elders are a lower life expectancy than other races. Even though African Americans have a lower life expectancy it has been shown that African American elders confident about what the future holds for them with health and also happiness. The majority of African American elders is content with their communities and will continue to live in the community, because of the support and assistance of their family members. Being part of an African American family, families stick to values of responsibility to other family members.

Literature Overview
When it comes to African Americans and caregivers there has been a study in 1994. The findings was that African American daughters have a strong sense of filial responsibility which made elders less likely to the use of formal services. In another 1994 study, the results were also similar. There were filial obligation and intergenerational ties with caregivers caring for elders with dementia.
So, therefore assistance from family continues as the primary support (Rallying Points, 2002). Which I believe it is always best for the elders to always have that support from family. The more support they have the longer…

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