African American Music Throughout The Arts And No White Could Contest It

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African Americans had talent in the arts and no white could contest it. Du Bois introduced “Sorrow Songs” in chapter 14 as African American music, which transitioned into Jazz music. In Azevedo’s book, chapter fifteen talks about how African American music evolved into jazz music. As freedom became a reality, so did happiness. Jazz was created because of this newfound happiness and continues to brighten lives today. We have been greatly impacted by the music of African Americans. New genres have been created off of jazz, people have been integrated because of their soulful sound, and music nowadays is still a source of entertainment. In Du Bois’s Souls of Black Folk, sorrow songs sung by slaves were their only form of freedom. Later these songs were known as spirituals, religious songs, and blues. “Wade in the Water” is a very well known spiritual. Songs like this had meaning and encouraged slaves to keep working for freedom. “Follow the Drinking Gourd” was more related to the Underground Railroad, which led slaves to freedom. These songs were the inspiration of the later development of African American music. Du Bois calls “Sorrow songs” or African American spirituals, "the greatest gift of the Negro people"(181 DuBois). Du Bois concludes The Souls of Black Folk with an essay on the inspiration of music started by slaves. The sorrow songs are not only the "most beautiful expression of human experience born this side of the seas," but Du Bois also thinks that spirituals…

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