African American Multiculturalism In Lucille Clifton's 'Harriet'

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Lucille Clifton 's "Harriet" poem is one that talks of having the power like great women in history. The three women the narrator is speaking of are Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and the author 's grandmother Lucille or grandmother figure in general, from whom Clifton was named after. This journal will take a look at "Harriet" from an African American multiculturalist theories perspective. This journal will also be seen as autobiographical, meaning the Clifton will be seen as the narrator.
In the poem, there are three sections which start with the name of an influential woman. Clifton uses three women to allude to different events in black history. Dobie calls the material African American artist work black aesthetic (Dobie 221). The
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With just the word "Gods", Clifton is combining African Americans to different belief systems. Gods in it plural and capitalized form is the combination of God, Christianity form, which African Americans learned about when they were brought to American and gods which African Americans believed in when they were in Africa. It is keeping the traditions brought by African Americans to American and adding it to the new religion learned in American. This combination can also be labeled double-voicedness because it has the "twoness" that comes from being a Negro and American (Dobie 221). In Clifton 's "Harriet", the diction is also informal language for the fact all the words, expect Gods are lower case.
Clifton 's "Harriet" depicts a few of Don Lee 's seven common characteristics of African American 's poetry. "Harriet" depicts polyrhythms, because the poem has uneven, short, explosive. The poem is intensity; depth, yet simplicity; spirituality, yet flexibility and the subject matter of the poem is also concrete; reflects a collective and personal lifestyle (Dobie 227). grandmother if i be
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In "Harriet" Clifton is not encourage African Americans to pick up arms and fight their opposers, but she is showing how in black history how African American women have done revolutionary acts. "harriet", Harriet Tubman, returned to the south to warn slaves that if they do not escape to freedom they would surely die. "harriet" help hundreds of enslaved African Americans get their freedom and went on to become a civil rights activist. "isabell", SOJOURNER Truth, was brave enough A BLACK WOMAN STANDING STRONG IN FRONT OF A CROWD OF PEOPLE CHALLENGING SEXISM AND RACISM. She also survive a life full of horror and abuse. "grandmother" whether it is Clifton 's grandmother Lucille or any African American grandmother figure they all survive either slavery or Jim Crow. "grandmother" never lost faith nor hope that there would be a better

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