Essay about African American Males Facing Higher Education

992 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
One of the biggest concerns I see African American Males facing in higher education is lack of questioning. Males in general regardless the demographic tend to have an inner pride that if they do not know something they will not ask for help because it will make them appear as inferior or lesser in comparison to their peers. It is a psychological response to fear of not being accepted that many males across species (many male animal species have shown this trend as well) that they must maintain a superior dominance in society. When viewing statistics, clearly figures appeared skewed due to the simple fact that there is a significantly higher amount of majority Caucasian males in higher education in comparison to African American males, which reveals a gap in retention. Black men have been trained over the course of the past century to adapt and overcome with limited resources. Due to early stages of oppression by a dominant race, black men were forced to fiend for their own using the basic essentials of survival. Over time, blacks have been nurtured to think that if they cannot figure something out there is no reason to ask for assistance because they won’t get any. In reality, assistance is indeed provided but one must seek it out. The American education system has programmed all American students that college is required and is for everyone when indeed research has proven that higher education is not for everyone. Some people are just not meant for college and would be a…

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