Essay about African American Literature : African Americans

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African American literature is the genre of literature that is produced by African Americans. Before African Americans works of art were showcased, it was against the law for blacks to read or write. Many whites and oppressors forbid blacks from reading and writing to keep them uneducated. When one is uneducated they are unable to advance in life. Black people have proved their strength from the test of times. African Americans always kept their hope on God and freedom. White individuals always portrayed slaves as content individuals and that slavery did not have detrimental effects. Once blacks began writing and reading, they opened the eyes to those in the North. African American writers began to tell their truth. These stories had messages in spirituals, song, poems, and literature. No matter how hard the oppressors tried to diminish the value of slaves during Chattel slavery and after the abolishment of slavery, blacks continue to break the barriers. In studying many works of art this semester in English 2222, I understand the mindset of man African Americans and oppressors. “An address to the Slaves of the United States”, “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain”, and “Long Black Song” are three texts that exemplifies how black writers critiqued white religious beliefs, how they combined Christianity with revolutionary thoughts and actions, staking a claim to citizenship, demonstration of realism, and racial protest.
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