African American Literature : African Americans Essay

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African Americans in Children’s Literature
A study focusing on multiculturalism in children’s literature found that in 2013, only 93 of 3,200 children’s books were centered around African American characters (Myers, 2014). Myers asserts that the study also found that only 67 children’s titles were actually written by African American authors (2013). Rudine Bishop states that when Black characters do appear in children’s literature, they often appear “as objects of ridicule and generally inferior beings” (2012, p. 6). According to Bishop, these representations were meant to give a harsh image of African Americans (2012). The limited and inaccurate portrayals of African American characters in children’s books, can lead to children establishing that African Americans are an inferior race.
Traditionally there has been a limited amount of African American literature available for children, which Morgan (2009) believes is a result of schools and libraries excluding African American literature from their respective collections. Morgan further states that the educators’ approved list of children’s literature usually includes very limited books written by African American writers (2009). Books by African American authors need to be accepted and published more often due to it being difficult for European Americans to write impartially about African Americans (Brooks & McNair, 2009). According to Brooks and McNair (2009), European Americans write books from their perspective and…

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