African American History Essay

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God takes people away from this earth for many reasons. Everyone has their time and it’s never at anyone else’s convenience, which is why my grandmother passed weeks before my 8th grade graduation . Of course thats how it works, but if I could spend time with anyone it would be her. My grandmother was a stern, very immerse, and complaint individual when it came to me.

My grandmother’s name was Bettie Turner and she was a well known person around the 7th street area in Washington D.C. People loved to come over for dinner and just sit down and have a talk with her. They today describe her as having a big heart and even bigger ears. I assume this is the reason she was the one I turned to whenever I had a situation that I thought I
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Lastly, my grandmother played a very important role in my father’s and I relationship. That is why I say she was a stern women. My father married and had other kids when I was young. He started to not make me a priority and my grandmother was not going to let that happen. My grandmother called me at least twice a week to see if I had talked to father. If my response was no she would ask had I called him. Right after our phone conversation, not even ten minutes, I would always have a call coming from my dad. Now that my grandmother is not here to do that I can go up to year without speaking to him. She was basically the only cause of my father and I talking at times.

The time my grandmother and I would spend if she returned would consist of us just sitting down to talk, her “complying” with my wants, and getting me to better communicate with my father. It is not much to ask for, and for her being the women she was I know would not be a

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