African American History And History Essay example

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African American history plays a major part in American history. Not because any specific reason, but African Americans had to undergo a great deal as a race. The 1600s was presumably the most talked about period in African American history, which is when slavery was developed through this era African Americans endured slavery up until the 1800s. Of course there are important people or important events that we learned about in African American history, but some of the most important things are still a mystery to us. Slavery in American began when Africans were brought to the Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. It is said that slavery existed in Africa from the earliest known history of Africa. “Egyptians enslaved different groups of people— Semitic, Mediterranean, and Nubian blacks.” (Franklin,2008) We also see this can be accurate because of stories that we also hear in the Bible about Egyptians. Back in the day slavery was prominently in the Muslim society, and just like slavery in America females were purchased, men were used as soldiers, craftsmen, handymen and miners and women where bought to be servants in the household as well as agriculture laborers and sometimes even wives. Slavery in America started to aid in the production of crops like tobacco, which were in high demand at the point in time. Salves helped build the economic premise of the new nation. Slavery disbursed quickly throughout the American colonies, because the invention of cotton came into play. Then soon…

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