Essay about African American History : African Americans

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African Americans did not get to express themselves in many different ways. They did not get the freedom of speech that whites had so dancing, singing, sermons, and praying was the only ways they could express how they feel. This was their way of showing how they seen the world. African Americans could be whipped or even killed for saying how they felt about something.

Hip hop gradually formed slowly but surely. Slaves often song Negro spirituals to get through their day. Slaves also formed field hollers. African American slaves field hollered spiritual songs while working. They made up their own lyrics to pass the day and keep a positive attitude. Someone would yell something out, and others would say something back. This was not just African Americans that field hollered. There was so many ways to express themselves lyrically. The jailhouse was also filled with spirituals and rhythm.

Hip hop was birthed in New York in the predominately African American Bronx. Hip hop believed to have started in the 1970s, soon after Modern and smooth jazz. But it became very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Rap one of the many forms of hip hop and is also known as MCing and rhytheming. Hip hop has also grown to one of the most listened to genres today. Hip hop is popular among all races. However, many would think that African Americans purchased more hip hop, but actually it was whites purchasing more CDs. Hip hops audience is majority whites because that was an experience that most…

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