African American Health Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… She states that Black life influences the health and lifestyle of the African American. That they’re dietary habits have a significant influence their health. She was steadfast when she said many African Americans are consuming fast foods that are unhealthy. This is a direct cause of the increased rates of obesity, chronic diseases like heart disease and Type II diabetes among Blacks ( Biomedical, 1997). The so-called soul food is rich in fat, starch and salt. The church in the Black American culture implements health maintenance. Most African Americans are religious. Many abide by the Christian the faith. Health care providers have now joined forces with religious groups and churches to reach the Black communities ( Alpa, 2007). Together they will instigate, foster and maintain good health within the African American. Thus it seems, the ability to maintain one’s good health will be related to one’s ability to carry on good religious practices. All in all, Blacks can now make use modern health care services through their churches and religious affiliations (Biomedical, 1997). However, though they may have access to modern medical care and services. African Americans will still hold dear to their traditional …show more content…
These charms, they believed, would protect them from the evil one. It’s clear that western culture has influenced their family greatly. Our children cannot speak our language and eat some of the traditional food. Though, people in Nigeria are still struggle with poverty, corruption and people dying with curable diseases. My family is trying on a daily basis to promote and restore our health here in America. We believe that our health is precious. It is the foundation for our happiness. Traditional medicine has developed in various communities in Nigeria in response to the health needs of the people (Agec, 2012). Many communities have developed traditional systems using available resources for their health problems. The development of traditional medicine in Nigeria has led to various categories of healers, healing methods, strategies, medicines and remedies. The British in the past, brought in Western medicine ( Biomedical, 1997). Today, both traditional and western medicines exist in Nigeria. While here in the US my family and I

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