African American English As An Obstacle Than A Dialect Essay

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African American English has been viewed more as an obstacle than a dialect to the children who speak it. Since the 1960’s many have questioned the abilities of the children who speak African American English. The dialect has been considered a “slang” in the education system; and in 1979 it was ruled that African American English serves as a barrier in the classroom (Green, 2002). According to the 2000 Nations Report Card (National Assessment of Educational Progress) speakers of African American English are behind in their reading scores. In general, they scored lower than students their age who are White, Hispanic, and other races (Green, 2002). In Lisa Green’s paper, she addresses linguistic features of African American English focusing on their effects on education. A common misconception about African American English is that the “slag” people are familiar with is all that the dialect is comprised of. The slang used by a younger generation of African American English speakers does not represent the dialect as a whole because it is just one part of it and slang is always changing (Green, 2002). Many mainstream English speakers have adapted some of the more current African American English speakers slang. There are many programs across the United States aimed at improving African American English speaker’s reading, writing, and speaking of mainstream English (Green, 2002). The programs have come across many of the same issues as people who addressed African American…

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