Essay African American Civil Rights Movement

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The African American civil rights movement, was an ongoing movement that lasted from (1954-1968), in an effort to end racial discrimination, segregation, and inequality. African Americans at the time were banned from associating with any of the white community, and were banned from most white public facilities, such as schools, hospitals, restrooms, waiting rooms, restaurants, just about everything. Signs like “whites only,” were posted on buildings to keep African Americans out but this did not stop there movement. The movement created many leaders, fighters and ultimately a new plan to stop the racial discrimination against the blacks in the south and all around the country. Many African American leaders had a huge impact in this nonviolent movement that gave people a sense of courage, and to show they were not alone. Many events occurred during this movement that demonstrated there fight towards ending racial discrimination and segregation. Civil rights leaders, sit-ins, freedom rides; all these had a major contribution in the movement, which have had everlasting effects still today.
There were many great leaders that gave people the courage to go out and fight for their rights. A man by the name of Jackie Robinson, broke the color line in Major League baseball when he had joined and played for the Brooklyn dodgers. Jackie Robinson ignored the fact that segregation was a huge issue, and he became the voice for many African Americans to fight through the harsh name calling…

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