Essay about African American Civil Rights Movement

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In the United States Constitution, our founding fathers declared, that all Americans and people should be guaranteed civil rights. This entails the right to vote, protection under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and so on. African Americans however did not receive any of these rights, they were deemed to be inferior. This helped the white Americans justify their dreadful treatment towards African Americans. Throughout history, it is evident that African American people suffered a great deal and endured countless acts of racism, prejudice, and unequal treatment. Nothing was being done to help their situation, so the African American people united and together they led way to the Civil Rights Movement (African American Civil Rights Movement) in the 1960’s to try and change policy and gain the rights that they rightfully deserved. They aimed to put an end to segregation and abolish discrimination. Social movements require dedication, motive, and patience. They often take time and it is difficult for those in the movement to stay on board with the ship, especially when they tread through rough waters. The civil right movement was a great representation of how commitment, perseverance and unity can bring about change. In this paper we will look at protests, demonstrations, and a just a few of the court cases that made it possible for African Americans to reap the benefits of equal access to opportunities and basic rights in the United States.
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