African American And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Our laws that we enforce in the country are supposed to be neutral hence non biased, yet time and time again the statistics show that African American men are the significant majority of the ones being jailed compared to the Hispanic and Caucasian males. Even with our country with its history in the civil rights movement and the positive changes we have seen, why is it that minorities, specifically African American males, are still at a disadvantage today? Weich and Angulo (2000) mention that minorities are “victimized by disproportionate targeting and unfair treatment by police and other front-line law enforcement officials”. Along with the poor situation of the minority communities that do not provide a positive environment for the African American youth, this leads to the problem of the increase of incarcerations of that certain population. Furthermore, the problem is also seen where the African American influence that work within the judicial system is grossly misrepresented. Upon investigation, incarceration rates show that young African American men are indicted and imprisoned at higher rates than Non-Hispanic White males. In December 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice statistics for punished male prisoners under state and federal jurisdiction totaled to about 1,537,415. Of those, African Americans totaled 555,300 prisoners, while Whites totaled 465,100, and Hispanics 331,500. In 2003, there was a discrepancy between the incarceration rates for males aged 25-29…

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