African American And American History Essay

1271 Words Oct 14th, 2016 6 Pages
In the 21st century, African-American had become one of the majorities of the American population; they have the right to vote, plenty of opportunities of receiving college education and pursuing the lives they want as ordinary American. However, it was not easy for most of the African American to succeed in life prior to 1980 century because people usually consider them as the gangsters or criminals. Therefore, African American had to work extremely hard so that they could become successful. This memoir was about the one of three African-American boys whose name was Sam, and how he succeeded on becoming the doctors when he was in struggles. He lived in Newark, New Jersey, and met with Rameck and George in University High; a high school that successfully sent most of its student to the colleges. Even thought Sam had made certain wrong decisions while he was the student of University High, he had finally realized their mistakes and turned themselves away from troubles. He made a pact that promised to Rameck and George to become doctors in the future, and started to work hard in school in order to receive the medical degree. However, becoming the doctors was not easy for Sam; Sam had been thrown into jail, and the thought of dropping out of college. Fortunately, Sam had received tremendous help from institutions and different mentors while pursuing his college degrees. Finally, his hard work had been paid off; he became the doctors. It is quite worthwhile to mention the three…

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