African American And African Americans Essay

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During the first few decades of the twentieth century there was an upsurge in African American mobility in the United States. Scholars refer to this demographic shift as the “Great Migration” of African Americans, in which African Americans moved out of southern states to northern cities, and to a lesser extent to the west coast, between 1910 and 1970. According to studies on the Great Migration, the mass exodus of blacks from the South was propelled by Jim Crow policies that exacerbated the black experience of racial oppression, racial violence, and economic hardships. In other words, black migrants who fled the South did so with the belief that social and economic opportunities waited for them in places like Chicago and Detroit. Although scholars of the Great Migration largely focus on African-American mobility as a strictly domestic phenomenon, some historians have analyzed the African-American gaze of foreign countries. These historians have shown in their work that during the early period of the Great Migration the black press held an interest in places like Brazil and Mexico. For instance George Reid Andrews, David Hellwig, and Micol Seigel argue that the in the early twentieth century, Robert Abbott, editor of the Chicago Defender, helped create an image of Brazil as a racial democracy, and promoted the country as a promised land for African Americans. Abbott traveled to Brazil with the plan of establishing an African-American colony in the Latin American…

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