African American Academic Discipline Studies Essay example

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The Origin, Development, and Purpose of
Africana Studies as an Academic Discipline


African American Studies is a change agent for the ideology of Black Americans. Black studies as an academic discipline serves to reorient the perspective of African Americans in an effort to regain a sense of pride and cultural identity stolen by white society.

Ever since the Europeans forcefully brought Africans west, black people have struggled with a loss of their true culture and identity. The vulnerability of a displaced and victimized race subjected them to view conformity and assimilation as a panacea for racism, discrimination, and oppression. It wasn't until the 1960s that students began to realize and protest the
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His acquittal from Howard was foreshadowing for his experience at San Francisco State when his refusal to side with Hayakawa and end the strike resulted in the declination of his contract renewal. With his goal still in sight, Dr. Hare continued to promote Blackness and joined the Black Student Union and others in the strike for Black studies.

The origin of Africana Studies is realization of how America’s education system was inhibiting the minds of Black people and further promoting “racialist and racist ideas.”10 Africana studies serves to “reclaim the minds of our children”11 so they can be able to combat a naturally racist society and push anti-Black attitudes and sentiments out of the social dynamic. Knowledge of and connection with ones origin is what will turn American from a melting pot, where the ingredients are mixed and blended so finely that their individuality is unrecognizable, to a salad where every addition is embraced with its own shape, color, feel, and taste. With the repossessing of the true identity of Black people and the education system emphasizing the “equality, interrelatedness, and interdependence

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