Essay on African American 20th Century Black Women Writers

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Kaylen Simmons
Dr. Piper Huguley-Riggins
215 English: 20th Century Black Women Writers
7 July 2016
Pauline Hopkins’ Legacy African American 20th Century writers have played a big role in educating the community. The authors and poets of the Harlem Renaissance who prospered in the 1920s, such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, have become more popular and their works have been recognized and interpreted in English classes in recent years. Pauline Hopkins should be included the next time English 215: 20th Century Black Women Writers.
Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins was a writer, editor, playwright, singer and actress. Hopkins was born in Portland, Maine on August 13, 1859 (Pauline E. Hopkins Biography). She was born to free parents who raised her in Boston, Massachusetts (Aberjhani and Sandra L. West). Her parents, Northrup Hopkins and Sarah Allen, were both artistic individuals with a passion for music and theater. “Hopkins was born into a creative, and intellectual family that were apart of the Hopkins Colored Troubadours, there were many touring performers made up of her extended family” (Pauline E. Hopkins Biography). Growing up in Boston, to free parents she was given the opportunity to become educated. She graduated from Girls High School, a school known for their graduates entering prestigious colleges and universities across the nation (Aberjhani and Sandra L. West). Hopkins began her writing career when she was 15 and entered in an essay competition for African…

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