Africa And Globalization : Marginalization And Resistance, Journal Of Asian And African Studies

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1-Nigel C. Gibson. "Africa and globalization: marginalization and resistance"Journal of Asian and African Studies. Sage Publication, 2004.
This article examines the effects of globalization and capitalism on African political and socioeconomic development in our modern times. The article argues that globalization marginalized the African societies because of lack of investment and real opportunities. It destroyed the African traditional economies. The author also highlights the discriminatory policies of the World Bank 's structural adjustment of the 1980s. While globalization is the dominant economic culture today, it did not benefit Africa and the poor populations of the world. In many cases globalization made it worse because of the demands of the World Bank and IMF that Africa must do democratic reforms. The dictatorship and corruption did not allow these changes to take place and the African people the primary victim of this whole mess. In conclusion, globalization made the rich and powerful richer and the majority the poor worst off, and this created political instabilities around the world. As a result, of this globalization policy Africans began moving out of Africa to mainly the West in masses in search of a better life. The African diasporas cultural identity began to change and became an Afropolitan or the citizen of the world. The African economies of African countries were better in the 1960s and 70s than 1990s and beyond the article argues. The modern…

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