Essay on Africa And Americ The Battle For Education

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Africa and America: The Battle for Education Adults born before the 21st century can give a different account about their memories as students, and it would differ from students in the 21st century. My parents were born in Lome, Togo in Africa and so did I, but their memories in school began in Africa in the 70s-80s, mine in the United States in the 21st century. Due to location and time periods, our memories do not relate much. Although schools back then and schools now had a common goal to ensure that their students accomplished what was necessary in order to make it to the next level of school, their preparation process and conditions differed. The first description of school mom and dad gave me included the words “difficult” and “harder than American schools”. Once high school started academics were seen as the most important and crucial aspect of life. It was constantly rigorous, but it was said to have been beneficial, so it did not cease. There was no need to be a “well-rounded student”, it did not matter, as it was irrelevant. Although clubs did not exist, students played soccer, though it never increased ones chances in gaining acceptance into college. My parents recalled attending school in the morning then walking home in the afternoon with many assignments to work on and books in their backpacks to study because exams were scheduled for next morning. Exams and quizzes consisted of short answer or free response; therefore the students understood the necessity…

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