Afric A New Kind Of Playground Essay

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For the truly wealthy who had squandered their inheritance at home, Africa represented a new kind of playground. . . In its unknown and unmapped expanses, "man" could test himself against the elements, the animals, and time. (74)

The view that Africa was England’s piece of property was dominant during the last years of imperialism. This view ignores the pre-existence of native Africans and their home. Although Markham has friendly interactions with people of color, she clearly views them as mere occupants of the land that is now England’s. When talking about uncolonized areas of Africa, she describes them as “Villages peopled with human beings only vaguely aware that the even course of their racial life may somehow be endangered by the persistent and irresistible pressure of the White man” (Markham 7). Her use of the words “irresistible” and “pressure” suggest Markham’s belief that the British are undeniably more powerful than the native Africans. She believes that the native Africans will inevitably succumb to the powers of the Empire. She shows no concern for the innocent Africans, she merely observes the fact that the natives are being taking over and does not object to it. Markham observes the natives in a demeaning way. When writing about an African tribe called the Kavirondo, she makes direct comparisons between them and the Europeans. “I couldn 't help wondering what Africa would have been like if such physique as these Kavirondo had were coupled with equal…

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