Afghanistan 's Level Of Diversity Essay

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It was interesting to read a bit about the various tribes inhabiting Afghanistan and to see the country as a “melting pot”. Afghanistan’s level of diversity is similar to that of the United States. Due to the intermingling of cultures, the various ethnic groups have distinct ethnic, cultural, physical, and linguistic differences. I was previously unaware that some ethnic groups are more dominating and oppressive than others. The Pushtoons’s antagonistic and aggressive nature makes them feared and hated by groups such as the Hazaras, Tajiks, and the Nuristanis. The Pushtoon government group is a combination of a royal hierarchy (determined by hereditary right) and a council of elders who can contribute to decision making. The non aggressive Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Hazaras are not often mentioned in the news because these minority groups seem to be marginalized in Afghan society. Many of these people are traders or artisans who lead a quiet life in their own self-sufficient communities. On page 9, Ewans states that “Non-Pushtoon people have been less influential in the country’s history”. Despite being united under similar religious beliefs, there has never seen a strong sense of national unity for the country. However, the Afghans do place great value on freedom and hospitality. Right now, it seems as though no countries want to provoke the Afghan people in fear of its Islamic militancy.
Chapter 7 of Dupree’s Afghanistan sheds a new light on Afghanistan culture by…

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