Afghanistan 's Development Of Afghanistan Essay

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Afghanistan is located in southern Asia. The primary ethnic groups are: Pashtun, Tajik and Hazara and the official languages are Afghan Persian or Dari and Pashto (The World Factbook, 2015). The estimated population is 32,564,342 and the life expectancy is approximately 50.87 years old (The World Factbook, 2015). Afghanistan has a number of challenges. They have been recovering from years of conflict. Since the fall of the Taliban, their economy has made an improvement. According to international data, Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, their living standards are among the worlds worst (The World Factbook, 2015). They have a shortage of basic essential needs such as; housing and clean water.
In Afghanistan, there is nine years of basic compulsory education for children between the ages of six and fifteen. The Afghan government, USAID, and donors are working together to financially support and rebuild the educational system. “For more than three decades the only form of curriculum that Afghans used consisted of textbooks” (Georgescu, 2008, 429). Through the combined efforts of UNICEF, UNESCO and the Ministry of Education a curriculum framework was created and approved by the Afghan government in 2003 (Georgescu, 2008, 430-436). Afghanistan’s primary and secondary education has eight learning areas: “Islamic studies; Languages; Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Social studies; Life skills; Arts, practical work and technological education;…

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