Essay on Afghanistan Is A Presidential Islamic Republic

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Afghanistan the Aftermath From the September 11 attacks to the formal NATO ceremony ending the war in December of 2014, the War in Afghanistan was the longest war in United States history. The Taliban government controlled 90 percent of the land by 1996, after the Russians pulled out at the end of the Cold War in 1989. The Taliban rules with the Koran and has ties with the terrorist group, Al Qaeda. In 2001, Hamid Karzai became the head of the interim administration and in 2004 elected the president of Afghanistan. American Forces continue to conduct raids and airstrikes in Afghanistan and the corruption, violence, and limited progress of human rights; the potential for civil war is high. This paper will discuss the military, political and other various aspects of the Afghan culture. Afghanistan is a presidential Islamic republic, the head of the government is Ashraf Ghani. After the election in 2014 president Ghani searched for 25 cabinet members that fit the country’s regional and ethnic groups. Hamid Karzai the former president was accused of fraud on several accounts and there were partial recounts done in the southern part of Afghanistan, where Karzai drew most of his support. When he began his second five year term, parliament rejected over sixty percent of his cabinet picks. “The 2014 election controversy echoed that of the 2009 runoff between Karzai and Abdullah, which was also marred by allegations of fraud. Abdullah withdrew from the race in…

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