Afghanistan Geography

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Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. It is neighbored by China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is a land locked country with some lakes and rivers. Its Official name is Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It had roughly 31,822,848 people in the country in 2014. It is roughly the size of Texas, and the longest part of Afghanistan is 770 miles or 1,240 kilometer long. Most of Afghanistan is mountain. The Hindu Kush Mountains run northeast to southwest and divide the country into three major regions. The central highlands, the southwestern plateau, and the smaller norther plains are the main regions in this country. The central highlands make up about two thirds of the area or about 160,000 square miles it also …show more content…
It has been around for about 3,500 years. It has been the capital since 1776. It was decided the capital when the Soviet Union took over and made it their military command. When the Taliban took control in 1996 the demolished Kabul. The Taliban didn’t really help repair and rebuild the city. Kabul old and new has a good mix of both old and new but much of the city has been torn down and has been rebuild with a more modern structure. The military headquarters is in Kabul. Kabul is usually hot but in May, June, September, and October the average temperature is …show more content…
About 40% of the Afghans in 1996 were Pashtun. Most of the Pashtuns live in a very large crescent shaped belt near the eastern Afghan-Pakistani border. The Pashtuns are basically Caucasians from the Mediterranean. They were normally pastoral nomad with a mighty tribal organization. Usually their tribes were divided into clans, sub clans, and patriarchal families. Pashtuns speak Pashtu/Pashto which is also one of Afghanistan’s official languages. Even though Pashtun is the most common ethnic group Dari is the most likely going to be spoken in cities. The second most common ethnic group was the Tajiks. There are a bunch more ethnic groups but Pashtuns and Tajiks are the most common. Most of them are farmers, artisans and merchants and may live in the valleys north of Kabul, the capital. They speak Dari but the Iranians change the name to Persian. They are very close or related to the people from

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