Essay on Affordable Health Care : Provide And Protect

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Affordable Health Care: Provide and Protect ! As Americans, do we not have the right to provide and protect our families? In 2010, the largest overhaul of the health care system since Medicare began with legislation for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA), also known as Affordable Care Act(ACA) or commonly identified as Obama Care. This legislation aided American families that had never participated in a health care program or had never acquired health insurance due to financial hardship (Thompson, n.p.). Arguably, there are conservative citizen and religious members in our society that claim we are creating socialized medicine and/or interfering with religious freedoms (Pena, n.p.). There is no doubt that The Affordable Care Act delivers access to medical insurance to the families with the utmost need, at an affordable rate and provides securities that the insurance companies may no longer hold all the power over families.
Our Health Car system has undergone a much-needed revision, eliminating the lack of access for individuals and families to quality health care program. Our health care system has been forever altered with the signing of the Affordable Health Care Act(ACA) of 2010. Tamara Thompson called the ACA, “The biggest regulatory overhaul of the American health-care system since Congress approved the Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs in 1965.” Without a doubt the citizen’s most affected by these changes presented by this legislation…

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