Affirmative Action Should Be Legal Essay

2042 Words Nov 13th, 2016 9 Pages
Higher education institutions have adopted diversity affirmative action policies that seek to enhance the diversity of their student body. Diversity affirmative action also helps individuals to become more tolerant within a college campus because it exposes people to a dissimilar student body that includes cultures and ideas that are different from their own. Affirmative action also helps prevent individuals or groups excluded from opportunities on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender. The practice of affirmative action has often been misunderstood in a way that opponents of it have the idea that those who benefit from it are unqualified to gain admittance to their respective college/university. In reality, it is a just way to make sure the institution reflects the diversity of the United States. Diversity Affirmative action should be permitted for promoting the inclusion of different groups to create a multicultural campus. Affirmative action should also be used to provide opportunities and fairness to groups that have been historically excluded or discriminated against in college admissions. This influences institutions to look at other non-academic factors such as socioeconomic status, athletic ability, or leadership ability. Diversity affirmative action is used at higher education institutions so that every incoming student bring in something different to the university. Colleges have an interest in having a diverse group of students and having diversity affirmative…

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