Affirmative Action Should Be Banned Essay

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President John F. Kennedy initially took Affirmative Action to ensure the equality for all races mainly for jobs and educational institutions. He did this through his Executive Order 10925, which is known as Affirmative Action. This policy asserts that in jobs and educational institutions, racial preferences will be used in their admissions process.While proponents of Affirmative Action claim that levels of diversity in college campuses increase with Affirmative Action, the reality is that many underrepresented minority students are being mismatched into the colleges and universities, ultimately leading them to a path of failure and because of this, there will be less underrepresented minorities (or URMs for the purpose of this) graduating from schools. Another claim asserted by proponents is that Affirmative Action is unfair due to the fact that Whites and Asians are overrepresented in these schools, however, due to this policy, Whites and Asians are excluded from receiving the same boost which makes it an unfair system. Another reason why Affirmative Action should be banned is because our very own country follows a principle of equality for all and with Affirmative Action, the statement contradicts that principle that Americans value. The single-most and biggest problem with Affirmative Action is the mismatch problem. In the article “The Painful Truth About Affirmative Action,” Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr., argue how Affirmative Action rather hurts then helps…

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