Essay about Affirmative Action Promotes Equal Opportunities

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Minority Benefits
Aside from the social benefits of racial integration, affirmative action achieves the goal that social leaders invented it for: creating equality for minorities. Although America has come a long way in creating both political and social equality for minorities, subtle disadvantages are still existent for non-white races. Whether this issue can be attributed to racism or pure coincidence is not of question. With this is in mind, the real question is associated with what America can do as a nation to work toward solving the conflict. Affirmative action can be taken to benefit minorities in the way that it creates equal opportunities and representation in society.
As has been noted, affirmative action promotes equal opportunities in education. Professor Millery Polyne claims, “Race-based affirmative action helps minorities compete fairly with whites… Affirmative action has been and continues to be necessary to correct racial inequalities.” This writer, in opposition to many others, feels strongly that affirmative action best creates fairness in education for inferior races. The act specifically raises equal opportunities for those who suffer from discrimination in today’s American society. Within the past century, several individuals of minority races have faced extreme levels of racism. With this in mind, affirmative action for college students can set the advantages for minorities that they have not been able to gain much of in the past. Affirmative action…

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