Affirmative Action Policies For Minorities And Women Essay

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Affirmative action policies aim to ensure equal educational and employment opportunities for minorities and women. They intend to benefit people who had previously suffered from discrimination, such as African Americans, by placing requirements, or quotas, on percentages of races that must be hired or accepted (LaNoue). Employers and schools must consider race or gender when hiring to make sure that both genders and all races have equal opportunities (Hanmer). However, this system is surrounded by controversy considering its constitutionality and relevance in today’s society. The policy of affirmative action is outdated, unjust, and unnecessary to create diversity in America today (Affirmative). The goals of affirmative action involve compensation for past discrimination (Hanmer). For years, African Americans had been oppressed in America with obstacles such as slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, the Ku Klux Klan, and unequal rights to voting and education (Hanmer). Affirmative action aims to redress these former horrors by providing privileges to the minorities now (Hanmer). These policies prohibit exclusion based on race, and they seek to create a workplace or educational setting that accurately reflects the population (Hanmer). They require equal opportunities for minorities in application processes, unlike their previous banishment from certain jobs (Hanmer). Affirmative action forces diversification of the workplace and schools by requiring acceptance of certain…

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