Affirmative Action Policies During The Great Depression Essay

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Should affirmative action policies change their focus from race-based to class-based? The term affirmative action was first used under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was used for job security due to union blacklisting during the Great Depression. However, what would become the present form of affirmative action took shape under Kennedy. As times have changed the implementation of affirmative action has shifted it’s focus from the workplace to campuses. Affirmative action is currently a system to attenuate past and possible present discrimination. However, the current system on the college campus is a hotly debated subject as it can be seen to primarily benefit members of minorities in the middle or upper classes while ignoring the poor members of the majority. Besides, some people believe that today 's disadvantages in the US have a stronger link to socio-economic status of their family and the areas where they were raised, than to ethnic issues. However, in contrast there are still those who that believe the struggles of being a member of a racial minority are more significant.I
There are those that believe affirmative action should no longer be an issue of race . People of this mindset often are not racist but believe that affirmative action has achieved its goal and is no longer necessary. These individuals believe this will level the playing field relying only on the potentials student’s abilities as shown by exam scores. Many of the people within this group see the…

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