Essay about Affirmative Action in the Workplace

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Affirmative Action in the Workplace

Negative and Positive

Rebecca Mikell

Human Resources


Affirmative action in this time and place is a very hard area to keep in place when it comes to keeping jobs even at work for the employees. Sometimes this type of equality in the working world can be good and sometimes it can be bad, but it depends on how it is used that really makes how a person can feel when it comes to this type of treatment of employees no matter what color or sex a person is during this time period. If you take a look at what might be good about this type of action where I work five days a week, you would say that it is better on the day shift than on the night shift that is for sure, because on the
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Sometimes if today’s society will just think about things, affirmative action will bring negativity in a workplace, because there is always going to be a position open where you know an employee of a non -ethnic background is more suitable for a position, but the manager will pick an employee of an ethnic background just so it will seem like he or she are not showing favoritism towards any minority. I have seen it happen plenty of times in my work place and I have heard of it happening in other places. It does not matter how qualified a person is for a job or how many years they have been there with this company, the minority will get the job over that person and to me, that is wrong in itself and other employees will start talking and having negative attitudes towards the member of management. I have seen it happen at my place of employment and that is the negative side of affirmative action in my opinion amongst employees, and a lot of this negativity is caused by the employer. In today’s society I believe women are treated more fairly sometimes in some places, but not in every place. There are just some places in this world that believe that a man can do a job better than a woman and it will always be that way no matter what type of job it is they have to offer. I love my job I have, but I know that I could do the Human

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